"That stuff you read is nothing but escapist trash!" Mom may have been right, but I happen to like 'Escapist Trash'. I love the written word, so much so, that I have taken to writing and or collecting it. I invite you to enjoy some of the same. Prose and poetry, gags and deep thoughts all abide here.
(Note: Personally I believe that violence is a sad necessity of life. Sometimes it is required in a story to portray or advance the plot. HOWEVER, I do not think that pain is sexy. If you are into that sort of thing, you will be disappointed in the content.)

Submissions are most welcome. If your submission fits into my vision for this site it will be posted. If not, I'll try to link you with a site that might post your work.


Flames will be met with a 20lb. ABC extinguisher. Praise will be answered with the speed of light...and constructive criticism will be soberly considered. (after a good cry)

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